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    Ever wonder why it is that when you go to the bookstore, the shelves are filled with dressed-up fan fiction, sparkly vampires and bodice-rippers your mom’s weird friend likes to read?

    Yeah, we do, too. Here’s the thing: big publishing companies won’t take a chance on publishing anything that hasn’t passed their gauntlet of focus groups, marketing plans and everything else that seems like some corporate conspiracy to turn out books that require as little thinking as possible to appreciate.

    We decided to do something about it. Reliquary Press is an indie publisher dedicated to finding great new writers and giving them an opportunity to show the world what it has been missing. It’s tough enough to just write a good book. It shouldn’t be so hard to get it into print. That’s where Reliquary comes in. Join us and remember why you fell in love with great novels to begin with.

    Take a look around to see what our authors have been up to, what books we have in the works, and be sure to check back often for the latest news!

Welcome to Reliquary Press

Current Book

What If?


Paul Hinton

In an uncertain future, where living conditions and quality of life are dictated by your bank balance, what would you do to change your circumstances?

      In that difficult enough situation, if you were unlucky never to have met your father, how would that make you feel?

      What if there was a way to change the events that robbed you of the life you feel you deserve, would you take a chance?

      What if those actions had consequences far beyond anything you could have imagined? Would that influence your decision?

      What if ……….